2010 National Championships: Winning Team Photos

Congratulations to all the champions at the 2010 USA Hockey National Championship tournaments


Tier I • 12 & Under
Champion: Compuware
Runner Up: Chicago Mission

Tier I • 14 & Under
Champion: Honeybaked
Runner Up: LA Selects


Tier I • 16 & Under
Champion: Colorado Thunderbirds
Runner Up: North Jersey Avalanche

Tier I • 18 & Under
Champion: Chicago Mission
Runner Up: Philadelphia Jr. Flyers


Tier II • 12 & Under • 1A
Champion: Delaware Ducks
Runner Up: St. Louis Stars


Tier II • 12 & Under • 2A
Champion: Atlanta Fire
Runner Up: Burlington Bobcats

Tier II • 12 & Under • 3A
Champion: Affton Americans
Runner Up: Brandon Jr. Bulls

Tier II • 12 & Under • 4A
Champion: Chicago Blues
Runner Up: Dearborn Belle Tire

Tier II • 14 & Under • 1A
Champion: Nevada Jr. Storm
Runner Up: Portland Jr. Hawks

Tier II • 14 & Under • 2A
Champion: Omaha Jr. Mavericks
Runner Up: Southern Rhode Island Jr. Rams

Tier II • 14 & Under • 3A
Champion: Indianapolis Racers
Runner Up: Gulf Coast Flames

Tier II • 14 & Under • 4A
Champion: Grand Rapids Griffins
Runner Up: LA Hockey Club

Tier II • 16 & Under • 1A
Champion: Orange County
Runner Up: South Florida Golden Wolves

Tier II • 16 & Under • 2A
Champion: Montana Thunderblades
Runner Up: Atlanta Fire

Tier II • 16 & Under • 3A
Champion: North Dakota Starz
Runner Up: Affton Americans


Tier II • 16 & Under • 4A
Champion: Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles
Runner Up: Madison Elite

Tier II • 18 & Under • 1A
Champion: Oklahoma City Midget Major AA
Runner Up: Omaha Jr. Lancers

Tier II • 18 & Under • 2A
Champion: Dallas Ice Jets
Runner Up: Southern Florida Golden Wolves

Tier II • 18 & Under • 3A
Champion: Chesterfield Flacons
Runner Up: IL #2 Sabres

Tier II • 18 & Under • 4A
Champion: Dorchester Chiefs
Runner Up: Hollydell Hurricanes





Tier I • 12 & Under
Champion: East Coast Wizards
Runner Up: St. Louis Lady Blues

Tier I • 14 & Under
Champion: Team Pittsburgh
Runner Up: Assabet Valley


Tier I • 16 & Under
Champion: Shattuck-St. Mary’s
Runner Up: Little Caesars

Tier I • 19 & Under
Champion: Assabet Valley
Runner Up: Shattuck-St. Mary’s

Tier II • 12 & Under
Champion: Bay State Breakers
Runner Up: Susquehanna Rapids


Tier II • 14 & Under

Champion: Bay State Breakers
Runner Up: Wisconsin Ice Spirit


Tier II • 16 & Under
Champion: Massachusetts Spitfires
Runner Up: Mid-Fairfield Connecticut Stars


Tier II • 19 & Under

Champion: Massachusetts Spitfires
Runner Up: Alliance Bulldogs




Varsity Division
Champion: New Trier, Ill.
Runner Up: St. Thomas Aquinas




Tier I
Champion: Green Bay Gamblers
Runner Up: Fargo Force


Tier II • Junior A
Champion: Bismarck Bobcats
Runner Up: Fairbanks Ice Dogs


Tier III • Junior A
Champion: St. Louis Jr. Blues
Runner Up: South Shore Kings


Tier III • Junior B
Champion: New York Apple Core
Runner Up: Atlanta Knights


Tier III • Junior C
Champion: Atlanta Knights
Runner Up: Suffolk (N.Y.) Knights


Senior A
Champion: Minnesota Blue J’s
Runner Up: NY All-Stars and Rochester Edge


Senior B
Champion: Minnesota Blue J Hawks
Runner Up: Anaheim Lady Ducks


Senior C
Champion: Mission
Runner Up: San Jose Lady Sharks


30 & Over
Champion: Team Connecticut
Runner Up: Chicago Stars


40 & Over • Avalanche Division
Champion: Dallas Retro
Runner Up: Brandon (Fla.) Hockey Chicks


40 & Over • Nationals Division
Champion: Rusty Blade Runners (Alaska)
Runner Up: Lady Pucks (Fla.)


50 & Over • Tier I
Champion: Cape Cod Geri Hat Tricks
Runner Up: Minnesota Lady Slippers


50 & Over • Tier II
Champion: Team IMS (Fla.)
Runner Up: Lady Lobsters (Mass.)


U.S. Checking
Champion: Green Bay Deacons
Runner Up: Wright Homes


30 & Over (Tier I)
Champion: No Bull (Fla.)
Runner Up: Tuscola Energy (Mich.)


30 & Over (Tier II)
Champion: Cyclones (Fla.)
Runner Up: Fighting Saints (Fla.)


40 & Over
Champion: Team Easton (Ill.)
Runner Up: Army Black Knights


50 & Over • Tier I
Champion: Heartland (Minn.)
Runner Up: IMS (Fla.)


50 & Over • Tier II
Champion: Florida Sons Of Beach
Runner Up: Carolina Blackhawks


50 & Over • Tier III
Champion: Florida Wolves
Runner Up: South Jersey Wheels


60 & Over • Tier I
Champion: Byfuglien Trucking (Minn.)
Runner Up: Michigan Sting Elite


60 & Over • Tier II
Champion: Fitchburg Old Knights (Mass.)
Runner Up: Michigan Sting Rec.




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