November 2011- Online Exclusive





















“Jimmy Howard”

Connor Flynn

Age 9

Baltimore, Md.

























“Tim Thomas”

Devin Fitzgerald

Age 6

Woburn, Mass. 




















Jack Graber

Age 10

Wake Forest, N.C.
















“Henrik Lundqvist”

Ryan Michel

Age 9

Garden City, N.Y.


















Spencer Przybyla

Age 11

West Seneca, N.Y.



















“Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks”

Patrick McKiernan

Age 8

Glastonbury, Conn.






















“Go Pens”

Breela Durbin

Age 9

Kent, Ohio

























Tyler Pouliot

Age 12

Amesberry, Mass.























“Stars Beat Skulls”

Evan Iliev

Age 9

Cleveland, Ohio






















Dominic Spinelli           

Age 13

Endicott, N.Y.

















“Wisconsin Badgers Goalie”

Kyler Kobs

Age 11

Janesville, Wis.



















“6 vs. 7”

Brandon Watson

Age 11

Berwick, Maine






















“Tim Thomas”

Mark Ciolli

Age 8

Colorado Springs, Colo.


















“Jonathan Quick”

James Ochsner

Age 12

Santa Barbara, Calif.

















“Sidney Crosby”

Matthew Jarosz

Age 8



























Nathan Turcotte

Age 7




















“Winnipeg Jets”

Jack Hughes

Age 8

Moorestown, NJ


















“Bobby Orr #4”

Josh Peaslee

Age 10

Winslow, Maine

















“Tim Thomas”

Connor Rogers

Age 9

























“Pavel Datsyuk”

Andrew Robinson

Age 13

Boston, Mass.






















 “Cal Clutterbuck”

Lauren Hatcher

Age 9

Rogers, Minn.
























“Alexander Ovechkin”

Kyle Wehrmeyer

Age 9

Seville, Ohio
























“Miracle on Ice”


Jack Fortin

Age 8

Naugatuck, Conn.














Elijah Wilson

Age 11

Galesburg, Mich.
















Zach Proli

Age 7

Park City, Utah











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