"The Eighty-Yard Run Has Got Nothing on This"

For the next seventy-two hours (to say nothing of the past 336) or so, it's not likely you'll be hearing much else broadcast or transmitted from the realm of sports media aside from (American) football. And that's all right. (It's only fair after all that the Underdog of the Sporting World should get its day at least once a year.) Next weekend, however, the winds are scheduled to change - at least in one place north of the border:

The Green Monster and the Cash Cow

With all the talk of Frozen Fenway, you were probably wondering how much of the green stuff The Green Monster pumped into the regional economy, weren't you? Well, you were. Even if you didn't realize it. (Or at least that's how it was with us anyhow.) In any case, all jabbering aside, we've got an answer, (more accurately, the Boston Herald does, but who really wants to split hairs there?):

New Uses for Old Gear