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52 Weeks of Winners

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Week 49: Enter to win a prize from Odor Gladiator!

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52 Weeks of Winners (YEAR SIX)

Week 01 Arsen Tumanian
Brooklyn, NY
Week 02 Jillian Mamuzich
Missoula, MT
Odor Gladiator
Week 03 Michael Feehan              
Flushing, NY
Week 04 Mason Zorn
St. Paul, MN
Upper Deck
Week 05 Curt Ruegemer
Edina, MN
Week 06 Daniela Smida
Glendale, CA
Upper Deck
Week 07 Angie Carungcong
Moreno Valley, CA
Week 08 Eric Kim
Laurel, MD
Odor Gladiator
Week 09 Mike Franz
St. Paul, MN
Week 10 Kristen Morinelli
Severn, MD
Week 11 Mike Hinrichs
St. Paul, MN
Week 12 Sara Johnson
Rochester, NY
Odor Gladiator
Week 13 Kyler Jackson
Maconb, MI
Week 14 Dean "Dillon" Christy
Winston Salem, NC
Week 15 Rebecca Krystosek
St. Paul, MN
Week 16 Nicky Arias
Princeton Jct., NJ
Week 17 Landon Bauer
St. Louis, MO
Odor Gladiator
Week 18 Robert Greer
Chicago, IL
Elite Hockey
Week 19 Tommy Miller
Fargo, ND
Week 20

Nikki Marzook
Brick, NJ

Week 21 Jake Ruhland
Elko, MN
Week 22

Sara Sparks
Detroit, MI

Odor Gladiator
Week 23 Jay McDougall
Roseville, MN
Week 24 Dominic Hollister
Winthrop Harbor, IL
Week 25

Tom Morris
Los Angeles, CA

Week 26

Tommy Olson
Boston, MA

Odor Gladiator
Week 27 No Sponsor No Sponsor
Week 28 Taylor Needham
Clinton, UT
Week 29

Kimberly Friddell
Delran, NJ

Odor Gladiator
Week 30 Frank Dusek
Grand Forks, ND
Week 31 Grady Carlson
Moorhead, MN
Odor Gladiator
Week 32 Charlie Girzadas
Granger, IN
Week 33 Samuel Bresnock
Buffalo, NY
Odor Gladiator
Week 34 Leo Dusek
Grand Forks, ND
Week 35 Tyler Sapiega
Naperville, IL
Odor Gladiator
Week 36 Natasha Colonero
Shrewsbury, MA
Week 37 Jessica Smith
Syracuse, NY
Odor Gladiator
Week 38 Holly Bruno
Maryland Heights, MO
Week 39 Alexandra Hodek
Naperville, IL
No Sweat
Week 40 Louis Scotti
Fenton, MI
Odor Gladiator
Week 41 Kristen Morinelli
Marriottsville, MD
Week 42 Tony Harren
Oak Grove, MN
Odor Gladiator
Week 43 Patrick O'Hara
Woodrige, IL
Week 44 Chad Boykin
Shillington, PA
Week 45 Kristine Ream
Columbus, OH
Odor Gladiator
Week 46 Stephen Dempsey
Clifton, NJ
Week 47 Mark Nelson
Crown Point, IN
Odor Gladiator
Week 48 TBD
Week 49 Enter to Win! Odor Gladiator


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