Do You Think Or Do You Know?

Take our sample NARCE quiz to test your knowledge about player development


For four days, rink industry professionals from across the country are taking part in the 2017 North American Rink Conference & Expo in Columbus, Ohio. These individuals spend a significant amount of time learning from USA Hockey staff about player development at various age levels. At the end of these sessions, the professionals are quizzed on their knowledge.

Now, it's your turn to test your player development knowledge. Below are questions randomly picked from the various player development quizzes the professionals took during the conference. Take this quiz and let us know your score on Twitter by tweeting your results @USAHMagazine.

1. At the 10U/12U LTAD Stage all of the following are TRUE except:

A.    3:1 Practice to Game Ratio recommended

B.    20 man rosters are recommended

C.     Recognize effort over outcomes

D.    Quality practice includes high activity rate, technical skill refinement and small area games.

2. What is the average age of an NHL rookie playing in his first full season?

A.    18.9 years old

B.    20.3 years old

C.     21.9 years old

D.    22.8 years old

E.     24.8 years old

3. Which Windows of Optimal Trainability are most open to improvement in the 8U FUNdamental Stage?

A. Suppleness and Strength

B. Speed 1 and Speed 2

C. Suppleness and Speed 1

D. Strength and Stamina

4. The 'Train to Train' stage of the LTAD at 14U/16U is best defined as the time to:

A. Learning fundamental sports skills

B. Building the 'engine' and Consolidating sport skills

C. Fundamental Sport Skills and developing A,B,C's

D. Optimizing the 'engine' and refining sport skills

5. The 'Learn to Compete' Stage of the LTAD at 18U is best defined as the time to:

A.    Learning the fundamental sports skills

B.    Optimizing the 'engine' and refining sports skills

C.    Fundamental sports skills and developing A,B,C's

D.    Building the 'engine' and consolidating sports skills

6. What is NOT a benefit to cross ice hockey at the 6U and 8U level?

A. More body contact in small spaces

B. Increase the number of shots on goal helping both goalies and players

C. More playing time

D. Easier to teach a forecheck because the play starts behind the net

E. Reduce time and space

7. What are the type of drills the coaches should implement for the majority of time during a 14U/16U practice?

A. More Reps & More Game Like

B. Less Reps & Less Game Like

C. Less Reps & More Game Like

D. More Reps & Less Game Like

8. What is/are the Windows of Optimal Trainability for 11 and 12-year-olds?

A. Skills & Speed 2

B. Stamina & Speed 2

C. Strength & Skills

D. Skills

E. None of the above

9. What USA Hockey program focuses on building stronger associations by equipping youth hockey volunteers with knowledge and tools in three areas: business administration, hockey development and parent/volunteer development?

A. 2 and 2 Challenge

B. Try Hockey For Free Day

C. Club Excellence

10.  What percentage of practice ice time should be devoted to skill development at the 14U/16U age group?

A. 0 percent

B. 25 percent

C. 50 percent

D. 75 percent

Answers: 1. B; 2. D; 3. C; 4. B; 5. B; 6. D; 7. A; 8. D; 9. C; 10. C

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