USA Hockey Magazine Podcast: Bob Schell

Timeline of Episode with Chairman of Host Committee in Amherst, N.Y.

USA Hockey Magazine Podcast

Bob Schell, March 28, 2019

Podcast Timeline


This podcast features Bob Schell, chairman of the host committee for the Girls Tier II tournament in Amherst, N.Y., which runs Apr. 4-8. Schell discusses preparations for this year's tournament, the economic impact that hosting has on a community, how they plan to make the event special and a lifetime memory for its participants and much more in the latest episode of the USA Hockey Magazine Podcast.

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[0:00-0:31] Intro and introduction


[0:32-1:18] On how preparations are shaping up the final days before puck drop


[1:19-2:17] On if it gets easier to host with an abundance of prior experience

[2:18-4:40] On the volunteers lending their support to the tournament


[4:41-6:51] On the hosting committee's relationship with the Northwell Center at Amherst


[6:52-8:56] On the economic impact hosting a Nationals tournament has within the community


[8:57-10:18] On the "Banner Party" and any other special events to help capture the spirit of the event 


[10:19-12:34] On why giving time to Nationals is worth the effort to put on a spectacular event


[12:35-13:12] Outro


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