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USA Hockey Magazine Podcast

Gabe Polsky, November 1, 2018

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This podcasts features filmmaker Gabe Polsky, director of the 2014 film "Red Army" and "In Search of Greatness", which debuts in theaters tomorrow (Nov. 2). The former college hockey player at Yale discusses coaches encouraging creativity, having fun, and pursuing greatness. We also discuss his newest film, working with Wayne Gretzky and gathering input from other generational athletes in the latest episode of the USA Hockey Magazine Podcast.

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[0:00-0:27] Intro and introduction


[0:28-1:47] On what draws Polsky to the topic of sports


[1:48-4:54] On why it's his most personal film to date, encouraging creativity


[4:55-7:35] On the film's mission, the desire to inspire


[7:36-8:53] On working with Wayne Gretzky


[8:54-11:00] On what can encourage creativity and bring back the less structured feel of the pond or sandlot


[11:01-11:59] On USA Hockey encouraging small-area games, different stations in practice


[12:00-13:35] On what the biggest takeaway should be from "In Search of Greatness"


[13:36-14:27] On his next project, if it's hockey-related


[14:28-15:00] Outro


If you enjoyed the podcast, feel free to visit the film's website, for more information on the production.


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