Adam Sandler & Mental Gymnastics

Much like "Home Alone" inspired a generation of children to take their sleds down the stairs - though maybe that was just us - or perform move-for-move imitations of light saber duels from "Star Wars"  - though maybe that was just this kid - it seems that "Happy Gilmore" is at long last getting the tribute it deserves.

The 10th annual Ice Tee Open was a resounding success. Despite colder temperatures over 150 golfers showed up to hit their tennis balls on the ice with whatever implement they preferred to use. Most persons chose to use golf clubs of varying size but hockey sticks were also effective. (Bold ours.)

To be fair, the likelihood that the event was even in the slightest inspired by the classic Sandler flick is slim to none - the odds for which become even less so when you consider the $22,250 raised money raised went "to support Camp Knutson's special needs campers, the highest amount ever."

However, we have to imagine just the same that considering Happy Gilmore's altruistic nature, (sp. he was golfing to save his grandmother's home), he'd probably approve. (Now, if you'll excuse us, pretty sure we just sprained an ankle doing all those mental gymnastics trying to make a point.)  

Northland Press: Ice Tee Open Once Again a Hole-in-One

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