The Call ... It's Coming from Inside the Puck

Odds are there are plenty of folks out there who if offered the chance would gladly and without hesitation accept ice-level seats - the price and popularity for tickets along the boards at most any arena are probably evidence enough to make that kind of assumption. The number of the mentally unbalanced harboring fantasies of really being at ice-level, miniaturized ala Honey I Shrunk the Kids, installed in a puck and carried around the rink are probably not quite as numerous.*

Whelp, the former folks are out of luck, (at least until they're able to buy tickets).The latter camp, the ones with very real fantasies of confronting giant ants of pleasant disposition - that is, the crazies - are in luck. (Or at least to the extent that modern technology allows.) Behold: What it's like to be carried around on a stick:


(*Actually debatable, yes, but for the sake of ending this blog post ASAP, let's just make that assumption.) 

via: NBC Sports Pro Hockey Talk: Take a look at Wells Fargo Center from a puck's perspective

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