The Duke (on Ice)

Well, another Don Cherry biopic has been released, apparently - the reason for which, we have to imagine, is that one film simply can't be expected to encompass the range and scope of such a considerable and vibrant personality, (just as a regular suit can't be expected to be a suitable container either). But perhaps that's something for another day - though the wardrobe alone warrants at least two or three full-length dissertations. Anyhow. Today we're talking Westerns.

From The Sudbury Star:

Don Cherry may have "true grit," but actor Jared Keeso wants that and a whole lot more.

"After I got my first taste of it, I made it my personal goal to be the John Wayne of hockey movies," said Keeso, the young Canadian actor who has become known for playing Don Cherry.

"I want to do a million of 'em."

Well, on his way to a million, Keeso's resume now includes back-to-back Cherry biopics.

As "The Wrath of Grapes" falls a bit short in the "most-inspired-film-title-ever-penned" category, we thought we'd cobble together a few suggestions for future titles loosely based on the Duke's films, just in case any actors could use a bit of help. And because it's a bit late in the afternoon, we're going to make this quick: Sixty seconds on the clock. Set ... Go!


1960 North to (Mystery), Alaska

Sam McCord


1949 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (and Only Had Six Teeth)

Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles


1958 The (Crossbar)barian and the Geisha

Townsend Harris


1962 The Man Who (One-Timer-ed) Liberty Valance

Tom Doniphon


1934 Blue Steel

John Carruthers

(Actually the title of a film, but it works, right?)


With 172 acting credits to Mr. Wayne's credit, we're barely scratching the surface. Let's see yours in the comments.

Cherry biopic star wants to be 'John Wayne of hockey movies'

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