Holy Grail of Hockey Headlines

Since we've been doing this blogging thing, there have been a few instances in which we've come across headlines that could support an entire post by themselves - but for the sake of substance, we've opted to write on other subjects. But today ... there's just no way we couldn't do something with this. It just wouldn't be right. And it wouldn't be fair. So:

"Driving Zamboni like cultivating corn"

But wait: It gets better. One excerpt from the body text:

Driving a Zamboni has to be a lot like driving the International Harvester 460 propane tractor ($4,100 new in 1963) I drove growing up on the farm to cultivate corn. You had to focus on this rod that my dad had built into the side of the tractor and keep that rod above the row of corn.

That way, all four rows of corn you were cultivating remained firmly planted in the ground while your weeds were removed. Steer off course of the rod above the corn, and then you had a problem.

And I was great at cultivating corn, right dad?

Granted we have never driven an ice-resurfacer — though we would love to try, would accept any and all offers — and perhaps saying the following is a bit presumptuous, but we're saying it just the same: You are very welcome.

Aberdeen News: Driving Zamboni like cultivating corn

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