"A Visit from 'The Great One'"

Featured Letter - Holiday Edition

A Visit from "The Great One"

By Sean Patt, age 13, from Hummelstown, Penn.


'Twas the night before the game, and all through the rink

Not a Zamboni was driving, nowhere I think;

Our skates were waiting by the door for some fun,

In hopes that this game would surely be won;

The players were hoping for a victory,

While visions of trophies and medals we see;

With them in their sweat suits 

and I suited up, too,

Had just come inside from our warm-up run through;

When out on the ice I head such a crowd roaring,

I ran to the glass to see what team was scoring;

No team was there, just a man on the ice;

Please let it be him, I had to look twice;

The crowd screamed his name and I knew it was true,


It's "The Great One" they shouted and I did too;

Wayne Gretzky was here in the same rink I see,

Could I get him to sign a paper for me;

He came off the ice and I called out his name,

When Gretzky came over, I basked in his fame;

I told him of my team and how we were doing,

He gave me some tips to keep our fans from booing;

"Have some fun on the ice and always play hard,

Skate from blue line to blue line; your goalie must guard;

Keep your head on a swivel and feet in motion,


You have to skate hard, there is no magic potion;"

I thanked him for his help as he skated away,

He turned once again and said have a good day;

As he skated away, I heard for my sake,

"You miss all the shots that you never take."

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