Create the Cover

A Shot To Create the Cover For USA Hockey Magazine

At USA Hockey Magazine, we receive hundreds of drawings each month for our Slaps Gallery. Now, your creation has the chance to grace the cover of one of the largest hockey magazines in the world.

Submit your best cover design. The winning drawing will be our cover for the August 2017 issue.

Here’s how you can become USA Hockey Magazine’s Create the Cover Contest winner.

• Put together your best work. We would like the themes of the drawings to be centered around “Why I love hockey.”

• Please make sure all work is done on paper that is at least 8.5 x 11 inches. You can download the exact dimensions of the cover template as a guide here: Download template

• Be sure your drawing is in color, is original work (no tracing, please), not a photograph and has an American hockey feel to it. We are USA Hockey Magazine after all.

• Please be sure to include your name, hometown, an email address and phone number so we can reach you.

• Email to:

• Or submit by mail to:
USA Hockey Magazine
Attn: Create the Cover Contest
1775 Bob Johnson Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

• All work must be emailed by June 16 or be postmarked on that day. Also, once your work is submitted, it is property of USA Hockey Magazine and will not be returned.

• Once all the submissions are collected, the top finalists will be selected and winners will be notified. One winner will have their creation on the cover of the magazine, and the runners-up will have their work featured inside the magazine.

We look forward to receiving all of your submissions. Good luck and happy drawing!


No purchase necessary to win. Social media voting will be taken into account, but final winners will be determined by the panel at USA Hockey Magazine.


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