Halloween 2009 - Online Exclusive


Goalie with lightning pads
Lue Kondrat
Age 11
Exeter, N.H.


Ovechkin celebration
Jackson Nelson
Age 12
Rogers, Minn.


Bruins goalie
Nick Casais
Age 9
Wall Twp., N.J.


Patrick Kane
Dillon Butz-Retzer
Age 10
Apollo, Pa.

Marc-Andre Fleury (pencil)
Zach Carpenter
Age 11
Friedens, Pa.


Alex Goligoski
Ryan Loebig
Age 10
Pittsburgh, Pa.


Redwings #13
Blake Deander
Age 12
Freeland, Mich.



Ryan Miller
Kaitlin Okun
Age 11
Buffalo, N.Y.


Canadiens’ goalie
August Mulligan
Age 9
Kennewick, Wash.


Scott Stevens & Stanley Cup
Mark ValVlaanderen
Age 13
Kinnelon, N.J.


Capitals & the Stanley Cup
Riley Johnson
Age 8
Mechanicsburg, Pa.


Bruins’ player
Matt Bianco
Age 10
Harrisville, R.I.


Ira Brown
Age 11
West Bloomfield, Mich.


Rangers’ goalie
Mya Berretta
Age 10
West Haven, Conn.


Witches’ goalie
Gabe Valley
Age 12
Holden, Maine


Jesse Winchester
Alec Appel
Age 9
Bloomington, Ind.


Paul Karpowich
Riley Clark
Age 11
Potsdamn, N.Y.



Red and blue player
Conner Lee
Age 10
North Branch, Minn.


Red #20 (crayon)
Hope Daly
Age 9
Fort Collins, Colo.


Michigan State Player
Connor Harrington
Age 9
Commerce Twp., Mich.



NHL goalie
TJ Swenson
Age 10
Otsego, Minn.


Cartoon goalie
JT Goodliffe
Age 10
Brewster, N.Y.


Beloit goalie
Tyler Edwards
Age 8
Beloit, Wis.


Minn. Wild ‘elf’
Jillian Janorschke
Age 10
Euclid, Minn.


Green goalie
Mia DelRoso
Age 10
Hingham, Mass.





Who is your favorite 2023/2024 NHL Rookie?
Connor Bedard
Matthew Knies
Brock Faber
Logan Stankoven
Logan Cooley
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