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Quick Change Pads Make It Easier For Aspiring Goalies To Give The Position A Try

If you build it, they will come.

That’s the philosophy behind the new Quick Change goalie pads that USA Hockey  and Total Hockey have teamed up to create.

For years, wannabe goalies have been restricted by the inherent challenges of dressing for the position. After all, there’s a lot of gear to put on, and for younger players, getting properly outfitted takes time and a team effort.

With Total Hockey’s new Quick Change pads, it’s never been easier to put kids between the pipes. The equipment is built to fit comfortably over regular protective gear, allowing for less bulk and less drama. The jersey, which has foam sewn inside to protect the chest and arms, is outfitted with a neck hole large enough to fit over a helmet, and the leg pads feature a redesigned channel that makes it easier to move.

Where it might typically take a young skater several minutes, and a few pairs of helping hands, to put traditional goalie gear on, the Quick Change pads are optimized to take less than 60 seconds to take on and off, giving youngsters more time to enjoy playing the position.

ADM Regional Manager for Goaltending Phil Osaer came up with the idea in the fall of 2015, after experiencing an “aha moment” while watching Squirt hockey as kids jumped in and out of net, passing around a pair of goalie gloves and attempting to block shots.

“Back when we used to play street hockey, everyone used to take a turn at goalie,” said the Livonia, Mich., native. “My thought was, what if we could replicate that on the ice?”

One of the goals of the project is to see these pads used by associations across the country. So far, the reaction from players, coaches and parents has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The coaches love the flexibility these pads create,” said Total Hockey’s John Luetkemeyer. “And it really benefits the whole team, including the kids taking shots on goal.”

With more kids trying out the position, the hope is that more will stick with it to expand the ranks of potential puckstoppers at higher levels of the game.

“I think this will get more of our best athletes to become goalies,” Osaer said. “In the past, bulky, complicated goalie gear deterred young athletes from trying out the position, but with more availability, we’ll have stronger numbers and more elite goalies will emerge.”



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