2022 National Championship: Family Affair

Nationals Location Gives Father An Opportunity To Watch All Three Of His Sons In Action
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As the final horn sounded and his twin sons, Rory and Charlie II, skated off the ice after their game at the Chipotle USA Hockey  Tier I 18 & Under National Championship, Charlie Andriole sprinted to give them a high five before dashing away from the Suburban Ice rink in Rochester, Mich.

A 15-minute car ride away, his youngest son, Brody, was finishing his game at the Suburban Ice Macomb rink with the Junior Bulldogs at the 16U tournament.

“I’ve put more miles on my car and flights than I could ever imagine,” the elder Andriole admitted. “I’ve been racing from one rink to the other but I wouldn’t miss either game. It’s just exciting. It’s all about the kids.”

The twins began playing at a young age, and though Rory has admittedly enjoyed the game a little bit more than his brother, the two have found common connections through hockey.

“I’ve been racing from one rink to the other but I wouldn’t miss either game. It’s just exciting, It’s all about the kids.”

“It was just something new when we were younger,” Rory said. “My dad wanted us to be in it and we thought it would be something to try and we just stuck with it.”

“It’s just gotten really normal [to play with Rory],” Charlie added. “I’ve had him by my side for every single game, every single practice since I started playing hockey. He’s not only my brother, but my best friend.”

Like their father, the twins also enjoyed the opportunity to watch their younger brother play. Brody is a defenseman like Charlie, and has always idolized his older brothers.

“I’ve definitely been looking up to them my whole life,” Brody said. “They’ve always been there. I’ve practiced with them whenever I can. I look at them and try to play like them.

“Because Charlie is a defenseman, he definitely taught me some moves that have helped me along the way.”

The lone forward of the trio, Rory believes that early on he had the upper hand in any one-on-one situation, but now Charlie and Brody probably have a little bit of an advantage.
“I think that now he knows all of my moves,” Rory laughed.

Though the youth hockey experience has ended for the twins, dad knows that hockey will continue to be a sport where the three boys can bond.

“They’re all best friends,” he said. “The twins have been very supportive of Brody. They’ve learned life lessons that they wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. They love it. It’s a wonderful sport.”

Before leaving Rochester, Charlie reflected on the years spent at the rink with his twin brother and offered some advice to others where hockey is a family affair.

“Definitely don’t take family for granted,” he said. “It’s cool to have a twin to play with, but even for those with other family members, don’t take it for granted because it’s not going to last forever.”


photos by  Kyle Huson


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