Reasons To Love The Offseason


We've all heard the experts tout the benefits of youth hockey players – or young athletes of any sport—taking time off to play other sports, or to just play. While it's easy to think practice makes perfect, the truth is diversifying your hockey player's sports portfolio may yield greater returns down the road. Taking a summer break can help develop well-rounded athletes and avoid burn out from the sport.

But it's not just kids who score by taking a break. Parents, it's time to get your life back. 

There are  plenty of reasons to love the off-season. I teamed up with hockey mom friend Sharon Enck to list a few.


• You get to see your non-hockey friends. You have about eight months of catching up to do.

• You've got money in your pocket again. So put a plug on that drain on your wallet (unless your kid is in every available summer camp and clinic).

• You can talk and text about other things. Your non-hockey friends and co-workers will be amazed. 

• Social media friends get to see  you don't live in a rink and you DO have other interests.

• You can get caught up on house chores. (Or maybe not)

• Enjoy a funk-free car for a little while.

• You can spend time with your spouse instead of being two ships that pass in the night, or in the morning, or in the afternoon.

• Hockey tape and game socks cease to be in every corner of your house, unless you're like us and use hockey tape for everything.

• Give your crockpot a rest.

• Say yes to those invites and give the "can't, got hockey" responses a rest.

• Eat at the dinner table with real utensils instead on the run in your SUV and out of a paper bag.

• Put those hoodies in the closet and bask in some real sunlight instead of fluorescent rink lighting


Cheers to a terrific offseason. We’ll see you back at the rink soon enough.



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