The Joys Of Being A Hockey Family

As we wrap up another season, many of us parents are left reflecting on all of our adventures and the seemingly endless challenges that come along the journey. From late dinners, freezing rinks, injuries, missed functions, miles piled up on the SUV, vending machine coffee and more, it has been one wild ride. 
It may be easy to look back with rose-colored glasses, but the truth is, there is no perfect plan for hockey families to navigate the hectic life we choose.  However, that’s okay.  Haven’t the bumps made some of our best stories? 
I have taken inspiration from my own reflection and decided to ask other hockey parents: “What do you love most about being a hockey family?”
I know for me that watching my kids play hockey has filled my head and heart with scores of stories, incredible friendships, and taught me more as an adult than I ever could have imagined.
Answers like these below are good reminders that our sacrifices are well worth it! 
“Hockey is full of so many milestones and little victories to celebrate. They come at practices, games and every time (the kids) get on the ice.”  
–Jacob Carlson - Hopedale, Ill. 
*   *    *    *
“The different people we have met in the community. My son has friends in all the local school districts. It is fun to watch the kids grow, too.”
–Lauren Knapp - Syracuse, NY. 
*   *    *    *
“Hockey Family!!!! Hockey moms are the best! Making memories at the tournaments and hotel shenanigans.” 
–Tina Macdonald - Geneva, N.Y.
*   *    *    *
“Watching (our kids) make friends that last a lifetime and being there as they grow as people…so many great things for hockey parents.” 
–Amy Colclough - Baldwinsville, N.Y.
*   *    *    *
“The lifetime friendships that were developed through this sport for both the players and their families. How they rally to support each other in good times and bad. One of my favorite things is when our hockey community supports my non-hockey playing dancer!!” 
–Chrissie Sarosy - Clay, N.Y.  
*   *    *    *
“The best was our tournament travels; the kids would hang out and the parents were able to get together and to socialize.”
–Julie Kreb - North Syracuse, N.Y.
*   *    *    *
“So many things! Watching my son grow from a little boy who loves the game to an amazing man who still loves the game, the hockey families who become our family and the bonus sons I have gained, the thrill of watching our team win, and the pride watching how my son overcomes defeat. I could go on and on! Best game in the world.” 
–Christine Esposito - Nesconset, N.Y. 
*   *    *    *
“The discipline and perseverance hockey instilled in my kids, and the lifelong friendships with our huge hockey family. Both were worth the countless miles on the road and hours at the rink!” 
–Karen Wiley - Andover, Mass. 


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