The Olympics, Love, and Coffee

Just around ten years removed from the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake, we've got a love story for you. And as the title of the entry suggests, it's a love story brought about the Olympics (which we love) and coffee (which we love more than we should and probably to the detriment of our health).

Weekend Happy Thoughts

Sometimes you run across a story that gives you pause, makes your day and generally restores a considerable chunk of your faith in humanity. As you might have guessed, we stumbled across one of those this afternoon and - all snark asid - thought we'd share it with y'all:

Alternate Career Paths: Classic Edition

In what's quickly becoming our favorite recurring segment — alternate career paths for NHLers past and present — we're proud to share with you THIS:

Dierks, Ex-NHL Player Shoot T-Shirts Into Crowd: Dierks and new pal Chad Brownlee whip out hockey sticks to fire cotton bombs at fans.

Star Wars on Ice

Anyone familiar with Disney knows about both the virtues and frustrations of having your favorite characters come to life and exist outside the screen. At times, it can be traumatizing — when you see one of the giant foam-and-faux-fur-covered characters remove its head. (And maybe you have terrible recurring nightmares as a result. Purely hypothetical, of course.) And on occasion it fails to work because you already have a set idea of what a character is supposed to be and the surroundings where they exist and parameters to which the characters must adhere.

The One Percent

Roughly 99 percent of the time,* a list that tries to rank more than, say, 15 or 20 of the best or worst items in any given category — assuming it's not quanitfied or scientific in any way, which is to say that it probably had its genesis somewhere on the Internet — takes a bit of a dip somewhere in the middle. Especially when it's something you come across the Internet. Top 100 best-looking cats? Bound to have a Sphynx. Top 25 movies about haunted boats?

Working for the Weekend

Easily one of our favorite weekends of the year. And this article pretty much sums it up.

Alternate Career Paths: Caricature Artists

You know, there are some players it's not so difficult to imagine taking alternate career paths.

It's All Right to Forget Valentine's Day. Right?

Valentine’s day has come and gone, and for the umpteenth time, we’ve forgotten about it. It’d be a lot more enjoyable if everyone who did remember — the florist, the host, the chocolatier, the girlfriend — didn’t make such a fuss about the last-minute arrangements, (made at the last minute so as to avoid the potential conflicts that inevitably creep up, of course).

The Iceman Cometh ... with a Calcium Chloride Solution

You'll have to forgive the tendency to wax nostalgic - which seems to appear in maybe every third blog post - but back when we were kids, waiting for the ice to freeze was a part of life. You went out with a drill two to three times a day to test the depth of the pond. You prayed for cold weather and rattled off every curse word you could think of, and some you made up, when after a week of freezing temperatures, the weather bumped back up to 50. But apparently, one father is looking to change that.

Prayin' for Some Divine Intervention

Well, apparently this is happening:

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