HBO, Rangers

We need to file a confession:

There are days when it’s not easy to be a member of the media and the challenges you run up against seem insurmountable. Days when you wake up in the morning, bleary-eyed, look up into the mirror after washing away the sleep from your eyes and realize you’re really much too handsome for your own good. Days when it requires you to hide in bushes and behind coat racks to photograph Jackie Onassis, to spend all hours of the night following the most recent celebrity du jour. And of course there are the days when Brandon Prust makes you first apologize for stepping on the Rangers’ crest. And then he makes you kiss it.

Although the network’s romantic involvement with the crest goes unmentioned in the NY Daily News, we can only hope the kiss is featured prominently in the up-coming release.

HBO '24-7' crew shows up at New York Rangers practice facility; coach John Tortorella could be star - NY Daily News


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