February 2011- Online Exclusive














Tim Thomas

Dawson Gaudel

Age 11

Woburn, Mass.













Ryan Miller #30

Zachary Rehbaum

Age 9

Buffalo, N.Y.















Amazing Save!

Cameron Doughty

Age 8

Bangor, Maine












N.J. Devils Goalie

Liam Doughty

Age 5

Bangor, Maine














Sidney Crosby

Michael White

Age 10

Maineville, Ohio




















Kyle Richter

Matthew Cole

Age 10

Lynn, Mass.













#30 Ryan Miller

John Gardner

Age 10

Tonawanda, N.Y.













Go Devils

Max Rosen

Age 10

Stony Point, N.Y.











Leighton #49

Anthony Barczynski

Age 6

Bethlehem, Pa.













T.J. Oshie

John Reisner

Age 13

Waterloo, Ill.













Ryan Miller

Jordan Tenenbaum

Age 12

Alexandria, Va.














Rangers Logo

Liam Dougherty

Age 9

Cassville, Mo.

















David Booth

Dominick Pizzonia

Age 9

Howard Beach, N.Y.


















Nicklas Lidstrom

Ryan Miskelly

Age 9

Royal Oak, Mich.












Cassidy Lawerence

Age 9

Rochester, N.Y.













Milwaukee Admirals

Eric Van Westen

Age 11













Sid the Kid

Cathleen Schnaekel

Age 11

Erie, Pa.














Buffalo Bison

Tom Rooney

Age 11

Buffalo, Minn.











Patrick Kane Empy Net Goal

Meg Barron

Age 11















Tim Thomas

Zach Bingham

Age 12

Lunenburg, Mass.















Jeremy Roenick

Sara Cruise

Age 11

Acushnet, Mass.

















Michael Dell'Orfuno

Age 8

Tewksbury, Mass.

















The Perfect Goal

Meeia Ryneh Tolentino

Age 11

















The Hockey Player

Gladys Wood

Age 10




Which Division I college hockey conference are you going to be rooting for this year?: